Testimonials (published with permission)

Doula Client

Linda served as my doula for the birth of my son on March 15, 2013. While my initial plans were to have my baby naturally with no pain medication, things did not go as expected. My labor was very long and, in the end, resulted in a cesarean section. Linda was very attentive and completely there for me and my husband before, during, and after my labor. While I labored unmededicated, Linda helped me get through each contraction with physical support and positive affirmations. Once it was determined that I had no choice other than a cesarean, Linda helped me come to terms with this fact and reassured me. She was in the room with us during my surgery and her pictures were the first time I got to see my son! Since being home, Linda and I have kept in touch and she has been great in answering all my first time mom questions. I feel very fortunate to have had Linda as my doula and would definitely want to have her with me again! 

~ DeLacy R.

Doula Client

My husband and I hired Linda to be our doula for the birth of our second child. She provided so much helpful information and checked on me regularly throughout my pregnancy.

I went a week past due, and rarely more than a day went by that she didn't send an inspirational or uplifting text or e-mail. She knew I was growing more uncomfortable by the day! She really kept my spirits up as my husband and I awaited our new addition.

I finally went into labor and called her right away, since I had a feeling it would be a quick birth. I'm glad I called, because I woke up at 1am and had the baby at 2:39am! We barely made it to the hospital ourselves, and Linda made it there about 10 minutes before the baby was born.

We had discussed various coping techniques during our prenatal visits, and she remembered that I had found the hip squeeze helpful during my first labor. She came into the room, dropped her 'bag of tricks' in the doorway and started squeezing my hips! After two contractions my water broke and before we knew it, the baby was born. 

While we didn't get to use any other techniques, her support and encouragement were so important. She kept me focused, positive, and centered. After the whirlwind was over, she got some of the most amazing photos of my sweet boy! 

I was so thankful that she made it in time, that she was able to jump in and do exactly what I needed when I needed it without thinking, and that she captured some very precious moments on film. I definitely recommend her! 

~April M.

Doula Client

Linda was very professional and provided excellent services as a doula.  She gained my confidence early on by being so prepared and establishing a good rapport at the initial meeting.  She discussed pain management and asked about my preferences and she helped create the environment I desired for my birth.  She did a great job of boosting my spirits by being positive and enouraging me and providing a sense of camaraderie (like "we're in this together") early on when I was discouraged about being induced. Birth experiences don't always go they way we intend or envision them to be so it's crucial to have supportive people with you who are aware of your birth plan, yet also flexible and informed.  When my labor finally started and my contractions really got going, Linda continued to be supportive verbally and physically (through lower back massage, aromatherapy, getting heating pads for me).  Linda also interacted well with my midwife and husband to form a "team" that really got me through the latter stages of labor when I felt I had no strength left.  I truly relied on my faith as well as this core group of people to make it through the process of natural birth. Linda was there for every contraction, helping and offering suggestions to help me get through it.  She also took some really special photographs during labor and after birth that I will always treasure.  Throughout my entire time and my experiences with Linda, including the follow-up phone calls and meetings, she really made me and my well-being her main priority and concern. I am so glad I met Linda and I was blessed to have her serve as my doula.

~Allison H.