Birth Story Healing

Birth is a transformative experience that can impact parents long after the birth of their child.  Sharing your birth story has an emotional impact on you as well as your listeners each time you tell it.  How we tell our birth story affects those who have not yet birthed themselves which then shapes preconceptions and choices regarding birth preparation, birth and postpartum recovery. 


With birth story healing, you can begin to see and narrate your birth story from a loving perspective.  If you have had a birth that still continues to affect your thoughts or feelings about your child as well as how you feel about your birth experience then this is for you.  In a few sessions you can begin to gain a deeper understanding, gain new insights and new beliefs about yourself and your birth and see the birth of your child from a new perspective. 

This is also for birth professionals who feel confused, overwhelmed or depressed as the result of a birth that you supported.  If you are wondering what you could have done differently or are unable to feel like your support was good enough then come process the birth.  These sessions will enable you to remain objective and cope with future births .


Please contact me for additional information regarding these sessions and setting up an appointment! 


"…Childbirth in itself is a rite of passage.

Being born is an initiation and giving birth is a transforming experience.”

 ~Benig Mauger

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